Amélie Ducommun


(b. 1983)
Lives and works in Barcelona

French-Swiss Amélie Ducommun was born in 1983. She graduated from Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

In her paintings, Ducommun seeks to capture the vitality of a landscape that she experiences and the subjectivity and ephemerality of memory. Travelling feeds her creativity and nature is Ducommon’s inspiration. Regularly moving from place to place, Ducommon spent a year on the island of Ouessant in France, two years in residence at Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, worked in Extremadura and elsewhere in Spain. In 2011, she was invited by the Miró Foundation in Majorca to produce a body of works that interacted with the landscape of the island in the studio of the late Spanish artist Joan Miró. In 2016, Ducommun relocated to Barcelona where she currently lives and works.

Ducommon’s paintings over the last ten years have focused largely on the element of water and the aquatic landscape. Beginning in France with the marine landscapes of the Atlantic coast, then later to the more intimate rivers and mountains of France and Spain. In these works, a harmonious musicality threads through her paintings, one that carries the traces of her trodden path, like footprints in sand. The paintings become abstracted mind maps of crossed places.

In 2013, Ducommon was awarded the silver medal at the 7th painting games of the Francophonie in Nice. With over 60 solo and group exhibitions, Ducommon has been exhibiting internationally including in France, Spain, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Portugal, China and Hong Kong.


Sensitive Water Mapping 146
Mixed media on canvas
130×195 cm


Sensitive Water Mapping 169, 2017, mixed media on canvas, at Parkview Art Hong Kong

Sensitive Water Mapping 169
Mixed media on canvas
200×150 cm


Amelie Ducommun, 2017, Sensitive Water Mapping 168, mixed media, 116x89 cm, on canvas, at Parkview Art Hong Kong

Sensitive Water Mapping 168
Mixed media on canvas
116×89 cm


Amelie Ducommun, 2016, Sensitive Water Mapping 38, mixed media, 200x200 cm, on canvas, at Parkview Art Hong Kong

Sensitive Water Mapping 38
Mixed media on canvas
200×200 cm


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